Whole Grain Fuel for Performance Optimization

Whole Grain 5 Beef Deep Dish ChiliSoldiers need quality carbohydrates, fiber, and protein to provide them with sustained energy to meet the demands of military training and performance. Our whole grains offer optimal nutrition for muscle development and system recovery while supporting the immune system and fighting disease. Additionally, whole grains help to reduce inflammation throughout the body and utilize Omega 3 to enhance mental performance. Our whole grain blends are packed with these nutritional powerhouses, and offer uniform cook time and simple prep.

Pictured right: Whole Grain 5 Beef Deep Dish Chili


Product Benefits

Product Benefits


Recipe Support

Our culinary team will help you integrate whole grains and blends into to your menus with ease and support you with "Green" recipes for easy application with the "Go for Green" initiatives. Our grains and blends come seasoned or unseasoned, for a variety of applications. Chefs with years of real-world kitchen experience will develop recipes to meet the unique demands of military food service. We offer DFAC training, onsite sampling and ongoing support to keep the menu fresh, and our soldiers fueled. Click here to view a list of recipes customized to fit military needs.


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Whole Grain Resources

MyPlateLook for Whole GrainClick on the MyPlate logo for more information on USDA guidelines that state half your grains should be whole grains, or click on the whole grains council logo for more information about whole grain nutrition.


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