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DSCF1169.JPGThe first new USDA K-12 guidelines in decades are now in place and InHarvest is the perfect partner for schools looking to implement the new whole grains requirement in creative ways. With our long history of working with grains and a deep commitment to developing wholesome, nutritious blends and recipes, we are ready to help. Our dedicated K-12 chef, Coleen Donnelly, has been hard at work reviewing the changes and clarifying what they will mean for foodservice directors and kids alike. The recipes below address the needs of modern school lunch programs.  From limited budgets, lack of equipment and culinary trained staff, the hurdles exist but can be overcome.  Moreover, kids are accepting these new ideas that go beyond whole grain pizza crusts and hamburger buns.

Each recipe contains the nutritional analysis and meal component contribution.  All grains and blends used are 100% whole grain.  We've done the math for you in order to lighten the challenge of menu planning and compliance.

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Unique Needs, One-on-One Support


Chef Coleen can also work directly with foodservice directors to develop recipes rich in whole grains to meet their own unique needs. And our dedicated and knowledgeable K-12 segment manager will help guide you through the process of bringing our product to your district.

Here's a quick guide to familiarize you with the various benefits and features of our products best suited to K-12 foodservice. 


Partnering Up for Success

The change in thinking about how we feed our children represents a sea change; it isn't immediate, and it can't be done alone. We've been involved in flagship programs like Chefs Move 2 Schools and Let's Move! Salad Bars to Schools as part of our efforts.