Provide the Nutrition Veg and Vegan Diners Need with InHarvest Whole Grains


Vegitarian Food Guide PyramidMissing Piece of the Puzzle

College students increasingly demand a diverse range of diets. Many students choose a vegan or vegetarian diet for health, ethical or cultural reasons. Student groups, alongside national organizations, are an increasingly vocal presence on most campuses.

For years, offering a meatless option for the main entree, upping dairy content and the promise of grazing the salad bar has been a working solution for many kitchens. The problem with this is that it often fails to deliver the nutritional value traditionally delivered by meat dishes – namely protein, omega fatty acids, and calcium. This leaves vegan diners tired, undernourished and dissatisfied. 


An Easy Answer

Whole grains are a wonderful answer to the nutritional puzzle posed by a vegetarian or vegan diet. With amazing nutritional profiles, whole grains also provide a hearty base for entrees, which fills diners up without weighing them down with fats and fillers. 


User-Friendly, Fully Supported 

Best of all, whole grains are an affordable and easy to prep substitute for meat. We’ve chosen a few of the workhorses from our product line to feature here, with recipes for inspiration. All our blends and recipes are developed by our in-house culinary team, with an eye toward practical use in the kitchen. We have dedicated staff ready to work with you to integrate whole grains, as well as legumes, rices, and multigrain blends, into your college and university menu. 


Freekeh MeatballsFreekeh Meatballs With Penne

This recipe showcases one of our newest, most versatile products – that just happens to be a great meat substitute – Greenwheat Freekeh™. Freekeh has a unique texture and mouthfeel that approximates meat. It's also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Since it's low in carbs, it can be paired with a starch like pasta. And the flavor is unlike anything you've ever tasted. 


Latin Chipotle Quinoa Salad

Latin Chipotle Quinoa Salad 

Red Quinoa is a light, slightly crunchy grain that absorbs flavors and holds well. It is a great staple for vegetarians because it contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Here it is paired with fresh vegetables and chipotle in adobo, fresh lime, and cilantro.The adobo sauce lends a smoky, spicy kick that pairs well with the earthy flavor of the quinoa. We use Red Quinoa here, but white or black quinoa are also available and work well in this recipe. 

Visit our recipe search for more inspiration, by choosing the Vegetarian or Vegan options under the Special Menu dropdown. When you're ready to start talking about integrating more whole grains into your menu, call or email Loretta Duncan at 800-346-7032 ext. 3549.