Dedicated Support for your Segment

Many foodservice industry segments have specialized needs that InHarvest products are well-suited to meet. We have dedicated culinary and sales support for many segments, with knowledgeable chefs and customer service representatives available to work one-on-one with you to bring wholesome whole grain blends, rice and legumes to your menus. Through recipe creation, product development and industry involvement, we strive to lead rather than follow.

In addition to providing the finest whole grains rice and legumes for independent operators, InHarvest offers dedicated support to several specialty foodservice segments. If you have a specialty foodservice need not featured here, we're still ready and able to help.

Just contact us and we'll connect you to a representative best suited to your individual needs.


K-12 Foodservice

Nutritional requirements, budgets and meal planning are all concerns of K-12 Foodservice Directors. We understand the demands of the K-12 segment and have specially developed recipes, product guides and in-house experts available to help you.

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Military Foodservice

InHarvest is a great fit for military foodservice applications, with wholesome whole grain options to fuel the men and women that serve our country. Our experienced and dedicated Military segment specialists help bring added nutrition and innovative menu ideas to troops on base and overseas. 

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Delis & Prepared Foods

Introduce appetizing whole-grain options to your customers with the help of InHarvest. Our specialty blends and grains add value and variety to familiar deli favorites, and our culinary support team will help you integrate products into your menus in ways that encourage sales both in the deli and in the aisle. 

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Colleges & Universities

Dining on campus has changed significantly in recent years, with more menu options and special dietary needs than ever before. InHarvest products meet the needs of college diners beautifully, offering whole grain, gluten-free and vegetarian options that not only fit the bill, but keep students coming back for more.

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Sourcing grains for food manufacturers requires a supplier who can truly partner with you. From product development all the way through the supply chain, InHarvest is with you the whole way. From our team of culinary R&D experts based across the country ready to support you, through to negotiating and securing supply; we’ve got the expertise and the purchasing power to make your concept a success.

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International sourcing can be a lucrative proposition, as long as you have the right partner to ensure your success. As the world’s largest processor of wild rice and many other distinctive and unusual grains and legumes, InHarvest has the innovation, the experience and the know-how required to help you select, market and build your offering.

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