Raise the Bar

Our guide to adding grains to your salad bar

Take a look at your salad bar offerings and see if you can find room for a few better-for-you bound salads featuring whole grains. Why? Research certainly points to changing consumer behavior about healthful choices. But the larger imperative is flavor and eye appeal: Adding grain salads that are well composed, delicious and colorful entice and invite diners.
“Look at the color and vibrancy of these grain salads! Pull out the high-carb salads and replace them with low-carb grain salads.”

-Chef Jay Z.


3 Easy Grain-Salad Builds

Roasted Sweet Potato & Tuxedo Barley™ Salad

Roasted Sweet Potato & Tuxedo Barley Salad Chef Jay Z.’s notes:

  • Honey Dijon Dressing makes it versatile.
  • This is basically a healthier version of a white potato salad, with the barley adding protein.
  • Change out herbs depending on season: fall/winter add rosemary or thyme.
  • Add more protein with shrimp or chicken.
  • InHarvest Products Used Tuxedo Barley


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Golden Jewel Blend® Cranberry & Apple Salad

Golden Jewel Blend® Cranberry & Apple SaladChef Jay Z's notes:

  • Golden Jewel fits into any pasta salad build and it works nicely in fruit salads.
  • Nutrition gets snuck in there with a little quinoa and some garbanzo beans.
  • Hold on the line like you would a pasta salad because of the high ratio of orzo and Israeli couscous.
  • Watch a quick InHarvest demo of Chef Chris Bybee on building this grain salad. 
  • InHarvest Products Used Golden Jewel Blend
  • Watch our demo here

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Buffalo Chicken & Barley Salad

Buffalo Chicken & Barley SaladChef Jay Z's notes:

  • Buffalo chicken is a familiar favorite, so not a big leap for your diners to try.
  • We use InHarvest White Barley, a new addition to our Boutique line
  • White Barley is also called Super Barley, InHarvest Products Used White Barley

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MountainRedBlend-dry-large20photo.jpgMove over croutons and bacon bits! Dazzle your diners with protein-packed grains as salad toppers:

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