Top Selling Ideas

Check back here for the latest ideas from our InHarvest in-house chefs, as well as inspiration from Guest Chefs who have found creative ways to incorporate InHarvest products onto their menus.

Ready? Set. Action!

Get your creative juices flowing with flavorful whole-grains action stations.

Action stations bring drama to the dining room without adding too much in labor cost. And as most action stations are in dining rooms with a repeat-customer business, providing better-for-you options is key. As Jason “Jay Z.” Ziobrowski, corporate chef, Eastern region, InHarvest, travels frequently, helping non-commercial outlets set up dynamic action stations; we tapped him for his top three ideas featuring whole grains.

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Raise the Bar

Our guide to adding grains to your salad bar

Take a look at your salad bar offerings and see if you can find room for a few better-for-you bound salads featuring whole grains. Why? Research certainly points to changing consumer behavior about healthful choices. But the larger imperative is flavor and eye appeal: Adding grain salads that are well composed, delicious and colorful entice and invite diners.

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Plating Whole Grains

Apart from the healthfulness that whole grains bring to the plate, they also introduce colors and textures. How can you capitalize on that in your plate presentation? We tapped our culinary team for ideas on how to make whole grains stand out with both drama and distinction.

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Guest Chef: Jasper J. Mirabile

Chef  Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. wins our Go Wild! Recipe Contest with a pitch-perfect side dish starring InHarvest Grade A Wild Rice.

Chef Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. wowed us with his Cherry & Almond Wild Rice. “I wanted to put an Italian spin on wild rice, plus add seasonality to the mix,” says Chef Mirabile Jr., chef/co-owner of Jasper’s Restaurant in Kansas City, Mo., and chairman of Slow Food Kansas City.

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Guest Chef: Bruce Barnes

Explore Native Culinary Traditions with Chef Bruce Barnes

Chef Bruce Barnes demonstrates how InHarvest helps him stay true to his restaurant’s sustainable, indigenous theme.

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Reinventing Convenience with Healthy Grab-and-Go

American diners obsession with fast, convenient food is nothing new. However, recent years saw a declining interest in “fast food”, as diners have sought out healthier options. Operators looking to win back the grab-and-go customer had only one choice: offer healthier options in convenient packages.

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Ten simple (and downright brilliant) ways to ease the goodness of grains onto your menu

Here we present just ten of the potentially infinite ways you can include, incorporate, and innovate, all from InHarvest’s own Chef Jason “Jay Z” Ziobrowski. Get inspired. And if you’ve created something special for your menu using grains, we’d love to hear from you.

We all know grains are gaining ground with diners, as more and more Americans are interested in better-for-you menus, cleaner labels, sustainability, and authenticity. But how to get those grains onto the menu without going against the grain of the well-intentioned, yet less-adventuresome, customer?

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