Wild Rice Tartlets for Fall


Go Wild on Menus this Fall. And All Year Long


Wild rice from Indian Harvest is cultivated, sure. But whether simply adorned or dressed to thrill, it’s always the life of the party.



BEMIDJI, MINN., July 30, 2010 – Indian Harvest knows wild rice. The company was founded on wild rice grown in Minnesota wetlands more than 30 years ago. Today, Indian Harvest leads the world in supplying this wonderfully nutty and flavorful whole grain to foodservice.


While available year ’round, too many chefs relegate wild rice to cool weather—forcing diners to wait to enjoy its uniquely savory flavor. Good news is that wild rice is perfect for all-season menuing.


Offer Wild Rice & Smoked Salmon Fillo Tartlets anytime. They’re an exquisite balance of contrasting flavors, textures and colors featuring Indian Harvest’s most popular, high-quality Grade A Wild Rice. All in one delicious bite.


A 100% whole grain, wild rice is high in protein and low in fat. It’s rich in thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B. And it’s naturally gluten-free. Wild rice is simple to prep, and its versatility extends from soups and starters to salads, sides, entrées and hors d’oeuvres. Certain varieties are ideally suited for grain blends. And, Indian Harvest wild rice is profitable: Just 1 pound of dry product can yield up to 15 servings.


Indian Harvest offers six varieties of wild rice cultivated in North America to meet any of a broad range of needs among foodservice and industrial customers.


“From the light roasted flavor of our Hand Harvested to the ultra-upscale appearance of Grade A+, our Long Grain, the quality and integrity of our wild rices are second to none,” says Chef Michael Holleman, Indian Harvest’s director of culinary. “And while wild rice is familiar to the American palate, it’s just exotic enough to add value, transforming an everyday dish into something extraordinary that customers are willing to pay more for.”


For culinary support and recipes featuring wild rice from Indian Harvest, call (800) 346-7032 or visit www.indianharvest.com/recipes.


About Indian Harvest

Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., headquartered in northern Minnesota, is a foremost U.S. producer and procurer of some of the world’s most distinctive varieties of grains, beans and legumes for foodservice. The company’s dedication to discovering and promoting lesser-known, heirloom grains and seeds is deep-rooted in its 31-year heritage of providing chef-driven menu inspiration and solutions to an evolving restaurant industry. For more information, visit www.indianharvest.com.


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