New from Indian Harvest: Red Jasmine Rice

Nutty, complex flavor and rosy color in a whole-grain heirloom rice.

Nutty, complex flavor and rosy color in a whole-grain heirloom rice.

BEMIDJI, MINN., September 29, 2011—Indian Harvest, a leading producer and foodservice supplier of specialty grains, beans, legumes and blends from around the world, is pleased to promote the whole-grain goodness and menu power of Red Jasmine Rice.

Imported from Asia, Red Jasmine is an heirloom long-grain, un-milled rice variety with red bran. Nuttier than white rice, with more complex flavor, the generous shape and rosy color of Red Jasmine Rice enhances perceived value in a dish and contributes to menu interest.

Fried chicken buddied up with waffles—part of the rich tapestry of American foodways and, in recent years, a contemporary menu item with growing incidence—is even more attention-grabbing thanks to Red Jasmine Rice. “Not only do references and recipes for chicken and waffles exist in cookbooks going back to the 18th century, but the dish belongs to soul-food traditions handed down over generations,” says Michael Holleman, Indian Harvest’s director of culinary development. “Dutch settlers had their own version featuring stewed chicken meat atop a plain waffle. With chicken and waffles today appearing more frequently on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus across the country, I wanted to take this trend up a notch by giving it Asian flair.”

The result is Red Jasmine Rice & Coconut-Ginger Waffles with Adobo Chicken, a comfort dish featuring tender chicken thigh meat steeped in an umami-rich sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and garlic that, when reduced, doubles as the “syrup.” Red Jasmine Rice cooked in coconut milk and added to waffle batter not only adds intriguing mouthfeel and enhances depth of flavor, but contributes whole-grain nutrition to the dish.

Red Jasmine Rice complements a wide range of international and American regional cuisines. It pairs excellently with beef, pork and chicken, and is ideal for soups and stews. What’s more, Red Jasmine’s greater yield results in more servings compared to that of most rice varieties.

Pack size of Indian Harvest’s Red Jasmine Rice is 12/2-lb. sleeves, or about 360 half-cup portions per case. Shelf life is 12 to 15 months. For culinary support and recipes featuring any rice in Indian Harvest’s family of specialty rices, call (800) 346-7032 or visit

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