Indian Harvest Introduces Organic Wild Rice

Hearty natural flavor and whole-grain goodness in a certified-organic product.

Hearty natural flavor and whole-grain goodness in a certified-organic product.

BEMIDJI, MINN., June 7, 2011—Indian Harvest, a producer and supplier of specialty grains, beans, legumes and blends from around the world for U.S. foodservice, announces the addition of Organic Wild Rice to its family of wild rices.

Cultivated in Northern California, Indian Harvest’s Oregon Tilth-certified Organic Wild Rice boasts a grassy, herbal note and a pleasing, firm texture. Grains vary in length in this mill-run blend, with colors in a range of rich, dark browns. Organic Wild Rice is the latest addition to the company’s Boutique line of exclusive grains seldom found in U.S. markets.

“Our newest wild rice communicates perceived value to diners who seek hearty natural flavor, the goodness of whole grains and the assurance of organic cultivation and harvesting,” says Michael Holleman, Indian Harvest’s director of culinary development. “Chefs and cooks will appreciate it for its easy, consistent prep and contribution of pleasing color and mouthfeel to a wide range of dishes for every daypart, any time of year.”

Pack size is 6/2-lb. sleeves, 12 pounds per case. Besides Organic Wild Rice, Indian Harvest offers quality wild rices in five grades to meet any application and budget for menu and product development. Traditional Hand Harvested Wild Rice cultivated in northern Minnesota rounds out Indian Harvest’s wild-rice repertoire.

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