Indian Harvest Announces New Boutique Line

Inspiration for Menu Engineering: Indian Harvest Boutique


New online division from an industry leader specializes exclusively in

 exotic, rare heirloom grains and legumes.



BEMIDJI, MINN., May 21, 2009 – To assist chefs and operators in their quest for versatile, singularly unique ingredients to aid dish inspiration and titillate diners, Indian Harvest announces a new division dedicated to rare and exclusive heirloom grains and legumes.


Indian Harvest Boutique—at—features exceptional lesser-known, hard-to-find grains and legumes with small yields gathered from some of the world’s most remote and exotic locations, as well as local heirloom varieties from seed currently planted and awaiting harvest.


Eighth Wonder Tinawon Fancy Rice, for example, is available in the United States only through Indian Harvest Boutique. A Fair Trade rice grown on the famous rice terraces on the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines, it has a mild, nutty flavor and white, brown-speckled hue, and a fragrant popcorn-like aroma when cooked.


Additional products currently available from Indian Harvest Boutique include:

·      Charcoal Wheat. The unique, smoky color of this ancient wheat in dry form takes on a lush bronze hue when cooked, and boasts a rich, nutty taste. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wealth of menu applications.


·      Kalinga Unoy Rice. Hand-planted, -picked and -processed, just as it has been for thousands of years, Kalinga Unoy from Eighth Wonder is plump and short-grained, with a hearty, nutty flavor and vivid pink, reddish hue.


·      Ulikan Red Rice. This matchless Eighth Wonder rice cooks thicker and slightly stickier than conventional long-grain rices, while enhancing plate presentation. Ulikan Red has an earthy aroma and mild taste with a fragrant, savory aroma.


·      Wild Black Quinoa. This new quinoa variety fresh from Bolivia capitalizes on the popularity of quinoa with chefs and diners, but with a colorful twist. Smaller than traditional quinoa, Wild Black Quinoa is also earthier and slightly sweeter in flavor, with a pleasing al dente mouthfeel.


Pack size for current Indian Harvest Boutique products are 6/2-lb. sleeves (32 half-cup servings per sleeve). Indian Harvest Boutique products are available only while current inventories last. The site will update regularly as new products are acquired. Qualified purchasers may sample any Indian Harvest Boutique item by calling (800) 346-7032.


About Indian Harvest, Inc.

Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., headquartered in northern Minnesota, is a foremost U.S. producer and procurer of some of the world’s most distinctive varieties of grains, beans and legumes for foodservice. The company’s dedication to discovering and promoting lesser-known, heirloom grains and seeds is deep-rooted in its 31-year heritage of providing chef-driven menu inspiration and solutions to an evolving restaurant industry. For more information, visit




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