Black. White. Red. And Savored All Over

Black. White. Red. And Savored All Over

Indian Harvest Boutique introduces Tri-Color Quinoa.

BEMIDJI, MINN., April 25, 2012—To meet diners’ increasing demand for quinoa—while exceeding their expectations by an exciting couple of degrees—Indian Harvest is pleased to offer Tri-Color Quinoa as the latest whole-grain innovation in the company’s Boutique line.

A perfect medley of white, red and black grains yields a complex nutty flavor, pleasing mouthfeel and stunning visual presentation. Tri-Color Quinoa (a “complete” protein from a plant source that contains all eight essential amino acids necessary for optimal health) cooks up superbly and is ready to serve in 15 minutes or less. And, it’s naturally gluten free.

“Tri-Color Quinoa is unique to the marketplace,” says Michael Holleman, Indian Harvest’s director of culinary development. “It easily stands in for white quinoa in any recipe, yet with a flavor contribution that’s all its own. In a coleslaw, it adds great texture and eye appeal, as well as a nice pop of whole-grain goodness.” Cool, refreshing coleslaw prepared with Indian Harvest Tri-Color Quinoa goes particularly well atop braised, pulled meats or buddied with burgers, sandwiches and anything barbecue, Holleman adds.

Pack size is 6/2-lb. sleeves (34 ½-cup servings). For culinary support and recipes featuring Indian Harvest Tri-Color Quinoa, call (800) 346-7032 or visit and click “Boutique.”

About Indian Harvest
Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., headquartered in northern Minnesota, is a foremost U.S. producer and procurer of some of the world’s most distinctive varieties of grains, beans and legumes for foodservice. The company’s dedication to discovering and promoting lesser-known, heirloom grains and seeds is deep-rooted in its 34-year heritage of providing chef-driven menu inspiration and solutions to an evolving restaurant industry. For more information, visit

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