Black Pearl Medley: Energizing America's Servicemen and Women


Black Pearl Medley: Energizing America’s Servicemen and Women


InHarvest’s colorful whole-grain blend delivers wholesome, flavorful benefit

while enhancing plate variety.



BEMIDJI, MINN., April 14, 2010 – The high-quality carbohydrate found in whole grains pushes stamina, enabling the degree of physical and mental engagement demanded of dedicated servicemen and women. Two varieties of Indian Harvest’s Black Pearl Medley offer taste-of-home goodness in whole-grain brown rice and black barley with daikon radish seeds.


“Black Pearl Medley greatly enhances variety on the plate,” says Chef Michael Holleman, director of culinary development for Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, Inc., a leading supplier of heirloom and exotic grains, beans, legumes and blends. “As a side dish, its flavor and texture hearken to tastes of home while being more interesting than white rice or mashed potatoes. Plus, the color of Black Pearl Medley complements both lighter proteins like chicken and fish and darker meats like beef and pork. And it’s really striking against steamed or grilled vegetables.”


Unseasoned Black Pearl Medley accepts any flavor inspiration, while Black Pearl Medley with Achiote Seasoning delivers a palate-pleasing kick. Both varieties are naturally low in fat, with zero saturated fat, and are a good source of natural plant protein.


Easy, consistent prep, excellent holding ability and quick cook time—35 minutes from start to finish—make Black Pearl Medley the perfect partner to culinary specialists aiming to serve quality, safe food with high flavor and eye appeal. Pack size is 12/2 lb. sleeves, 24 pounds per case. For a free sample of Black Pearl Medley, contact Indian Harvest at (800) 346-7032 or



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