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Riviana Foods expands operations with the acquisition of InHarvest

InHarvest is proud to announce that it is now part of Riviana Foods, Inc, America’s leading rice company. “The acquisition of the InHarvest business is an excellent fit and consistent with our strategic plan to expand our position in the specialty value-added rice, quinoa and grains markets,” said Enrique Zaragoza, President & CEO of Riviana. “We are excited about this expansion as we also look forward to welcoming InHarvest’s employees to the Riviana team.”

Both InHarvest and Riviana have a reputation for providing excellent products to our customers while also working with the cutting edge of rice production technology. The acquisition by Riviana Foods, a leader in the rice segment, ensures that InHarvest will be able to continue to offer our clients the best quality in specialty rice and grains possible.

Expanding Markets

This great investment expands Riviana’s operations and geographic footprint into California with two production facilities in Colusa and Woodland that are strategically located in the rice-growing area of the Western United States. In addition, with InHarvest’s focus on the foodservice, ingredients/industrial and retail/private label sectors, the purchase complements and enhances Riviana’s current business in those segments.

About Riviana Foods, Inc.

Riviana is committed to producing the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available. With more than 100 years of experience, Riviana Foods Inc. is America’s leading rice company and the world’s largest marketer of wild rice. The Riviana family of well-known brands includes Minute®, Success®, Mahatma®, Carolina®, Adolphus®, RiceSelect®, Tilda® and Gourmet House®. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods -the world leader in the rice sector and second largest pasta manufacturer in the world- Riviana has a truly comprehensive view of the rice business. Based in Spain, Ebro Foods operates in the rice, pasta and sauces sector across the globe through its extensive network of subsidiaries and brands in more than eighty countries spanning Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. This relationship enhances both Riviana products and company by providing access to a worldwide network of raw material sourcing, world-class research and development centers, cutting-edge technology and product innovations.

Taking Grains Higher

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