Savory Red Rice Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Créme Fraiche


Yield: About 36 cakes


  1. Bring ¾ c. stock to a boil, stir in InHarvest Sunrise Blend with Quinoa Flakes®. Remove from heat, cover for 20 minutes and reserve.
  2. Bring 2 c. stock to a boil, stir in Colusari™ Red Rice. Simmer covered for 35 minutes or until desired texture. Drain excess liquid if necessary; reserve rice.
  3. Sauté mushrooms in olive oil until tender, add garlic and scallions with Sunrise Blend with Quinoa Flakes®, Colusari™ Red Rice and pancake batter.
  4. Grease a nonstick pan or griddle and make pancakes using ¼ c. scoop.
  5. Top with dollop of crème fraiche and piece of smoked salmon (about 5 grams).
  6. Garnish with fresh tarragon.

Serving Suggestions: Serve cakes as substitute for hash browns or potato cakes. Try using in place of English muffins for eggs Benedict! For an additional appetizer, try topping with avocado mousse and spicy seared shrimp.