Heirloom Bean Blend

Heirloom Bean Blend

Item # 16401-6/2 lbs.


  • High in complex carbohydrates and fiber
  • Variety of colors and textures for eye appeal and mouthfeel
  • Ideal for use in salads and ratatouille
  • Heirloom beans are seeds passed down from generation to generation without genetic alteration by man
  • Absorbs complex flavors very well Important part of Vegetarian diet for complete protein
  • No need to be soaked overnight, cover with boiling water and soak for 1 hour
  • Increasing the amount of cooking water will improve the coloring of cooked beans
  • Kosher


Peruano beans, cranberry beans, butterscotch calypso beans/European Soldier beans, Chestnut Lima beans and Jacobs Cattle beans

Pack Size

6/2 lb. sleeves = 12 lbs. per case


Store in a cool and dry environment.

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

Stovetop:  Rinse and sort through a 2 lb. sleeve of beans, removing any unwanted material.
Quick Soak Method: Pour 5 qts. boiling water over beans in a large pot. Cover and let soak for one hour, then drain.
Overnight Soak Method: Add 5 qts. water to beans. Let soak overnight, then drain.
After draining water from the soaked beans, add 5 qts. fresh water, bring to a boil and cover. Reduce heat to a simmer for 25-30 minutes or until desired texture. Drain and serve.

Yield: 24 half-cup servings.

*To maintain heirloom quality in our blends, select varieties are subject to change due to seasonal availability and harvest yields. InHarvest reserves the right to adjust accordingly when necessary to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.