Giant Peruvian Lima Beans

Giant Peruvian Lima Beans

Item # 16404-6/2 lbs.


  • High in complex carbohydrates and fiber       
  • Heirloom bean
  • Light flavor makes it a wonderful simple side dish, tossed with olive oil and fresh herbs.
  • Smooth texture allows the bean to work well in a pureed form.
  • Large size sets it far apart from other beans       
  • Very creamy and buttery which appeals to more people trying to add more beans into their diet       
  • Kosher


Giant Peruvian Lima beans

Pack Size

6/2 lb. sleeves = 12 lbs. per case


Store in a cool and dry environment.

Preparation and Cooking Instructions

Stovetop:  Rinse and sort through a 2 lb. sleeve of beans, removing any unwanted materials.
Quick Soak Method: Pour 5 qts. boiling water over beans in a large pot. Cover and let soak for one hour, then drain.
Overnight Soak Method: Add 5 qts. water to beans. Let soak overnight, then drain.
After draining water from the soaked beans, add 5 qts. fresh water, bring to boil and cover. Reduce heat to simmer for 20 minutes or until desired texture. Drain and serve.

Yield: 24 half-cup servings.