At InHarvest our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of culinary trends. Through recipe creation, product development and industry involvement, we strive to lead rather than follow. Check here for our latest observations on what's current, happening, and noteworthy.

Say Good Morning with Greens and Grains

New Trends in Breakfast

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Farro Fanatics

Farro is today’s darling in the grain world. And with good reason. Here’s how to menu it.

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A Sense of Place...with Nerone Italian Black Rice

Harness the power of authenticity with this heirloom whole-grain rice — get inspired with recipes, tips and ideas from our chefs.

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The Value of Heirloom, Fair Trade and Organic

Diners care about where their food comes from, how it is grown, and the degree to which it is processed. In a November 2011 survey conducted by the Organic Trade Association, 78% of consumers claimed to have purchased organic products in the past year. The number one reason cited was “[it is] healthier for me and my children,” followed by concerns about the effects of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs, and the desire to avoid highly-processed or artificial ingredients.

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Give Diners the Wake Up Call They're Asking For

The most important meal of the day has been a challenge for restaurants over the past few years, faced with economic uncertainty and reduced consumer spend. To lure back customers to an already over-crowded breakfast marketplace, restaurant operators will need to give consumers what they want—and according to latest research from Mintel, that’s a healthy breakfast, as 66% of restaurant-goers say they are interested in healthier breakfast options.

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Movin' Indoors – Global Street Foods

What’s the hot word on the street? Street foods, which are driving diner interest in smaller, high-flavor dishes that don’t need a knife and fork.

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Black and Red are the New White

Colored rices are splashing across U.S. menus,evidenced by the recently released National Restaurant Association's 2011 What's Hot survey of chef-members of the American Culinary Federation.Dominating starches and side dishes? Rices in black and red.

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Healthier Snacking

Healthier Snacking Trend

Healthier Snacking with InHarvest Ancient Grain Bars

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